WELCOME ...to the Comfort of Home Health Care...

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Genuine and Individualized Care for You

Do you have health conditions that warrant medical, psychological, and social attention and you don’t want yourself to go through the hassle and stress of being confined in a hospital? Then Chicago Health Inc. is the right home health care provider for you. Our services are designed to address our clients’ short-term needs, post-surgical requirements, acute chronic illnesses, and even terminal illnesses. If you acquire our services, we will make sure to delay your need for a long-term care in a nursing home. With the assistance of our well-trained healthcare professionals, you can stay in the safety of your home while you receive quality care.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to promote a personalized care in the safety and comfort of our clients’ home. To achieve this goal, we have a qualified and reliable team of healthcare professionals who are well-trained in providing care services to individuals who require our assistance.

About Us